SGA makes changes in “Orgtober”


    Student Government Association is focusing more on student outreach this semester than ever before, student representatives Hillary Shepheard and Jessica Russell said at Tuesday night's meeting.

    Student organizations will now have a direct line of communication with SGA through the new “Orgtober” program.

    “The purpose of Orgtober is to build partnerships with student organizations,” Shepheard said. "We want to begin the conversation about how SGA can help each organization.”

    During the month of October, each student organization is assigned a student representative who will attend at least one meeting for that organization to discuss issues or concerns the members may have.

    “SGA is more than just a bank for [student organizations],” Russell said. “There is a lot that we can do to provide resources or spread the word about something they are doing.”

    Raising the Bar

    Student representatives had a candid discussion at Tuesday night’s meeting about whether expectations need to be set for student representatives.

    “People just need to be honest with themselves," said Thomas Kober, a music education major. "They need to be here for the right reasons: to help TCU and to help their fellow students."

    While some representatives believe that there needs to be a system of accountability, Kober and others think that they need to hold each other accountable with the current rules.

    “The rules we have now are more than suitable for this conversation," Kober said. "We just need to rally behind our Elections and Regulations committee to enforce the rules.”

    The ideas included a possible point system with a simple list of rules to ensure people are voting on legislation and individuals are writing a minimum amount of legislation each semester.

    Discussions of expectations will continue in future meetings.

    Other items from Tuesday’s meeting:

    -The minutes from last week’s meeting were approved.

    -Two student representatives, Nick Daigle and Luke Erwin, were sworn in to fill previously vacant house positions.

    -Busses to transport students to and from the airport have been booked for Thanksgiving break.