TCU alumna to run for governor


    TCU alumna Wendy Davis announced her candidacy for governor Thursday evening in W.G. Thomas Coliseum.

    “Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th governor of this state,” she said. “Today, we start a journey together…I need your help, and I need your support.”

    Upon hearing these words, supporters jumped to their feet and began to applaud.

    Davis, who graduated from TCU in 1990, is currently a Democratic state senator who represents District 10, which comprises part of Tarrant County.

    Davis rose to fame this past summer by filibustering a proposal that would have banned all abortions in Texas after 20 weeks and placed new restrictions on how abortion clinics got licensed.

    “We are here because we care about Texas. We are here because we care about Texans and a voice for Texas’ future,” Davis said.

    “Texas deserves a leader who makes education a priority.”

    During her address, which was punctuated by supporters' cheers at the end of every sentence, Davis spoke about her challenging past, which included raising a daughter as a teenage mother, and how it was turned around after a co-worker left a brochure on her desk for Tarrant County Community College. Upon doing her research, she knew that going to college would guide her life in a better direction.

    After attending TCC for two years, Davis transferred to TCU and graduated top of her class at the university. She then continued her studies at Harvard Law School.

    Davis concluded her speech by saying, “we will keep going until our state is less lone, and more star.” Then she exited the stage to take pictures with her supporters while the speakers were booming with Sara Bareilles' song, “Brave.”