TCU equestrian dominates Baylor in Western


    TCU’s equestrian team dominated in Western, including both Horsemanship and Reining, over Baylor Saturday morning.  The Western total score was 8-2 over Baylor, with a raw score of 712-690.5.

    “Working hard and spending a lot of time in practice helped contribute to our sweep,” Western head coach Kindel Walter said. “The girls had a lot of confidence, and they knew how to handle every situation. I was happy to compete as one team. It was exciting for the whole team and for me too.”

    In Horsemanship, TCU won 3-2, with a raw score of 358.5-353. Megan McMullen led TCU with an individual score of 73.5. Bryn Lindley from Baylor received her MOP award in Horsemanship.

    “There’s always stuff to improve on,” Walter said. “We just need to continue to keep pushing and be penalty free. Our goal is to go out there and ride really accurate. Now that we rode pretty accurate, we can push it even more for Kansas State coming up.”

    In Reining, TCU swept Baylor 5-0, with a raw score of 354-337.5. Chantz Stewart led TCU with an individual score of 73.5 and received an MOP award in Reining.

    “I was so excited because of the team spirit,” Director of Equestrian Haley Schoolfield said. “The match came down to the very last ride, and every single team member was there cheering as loud as they could to support their teammate. The student athlete that had to compete for that last ride under pressure was so happy to have our team cheering for her like that and even came out with the MOP.”

    On the Hunt Seat side, TCU was defeated overall by Baylor 7-3, with a raw score of 833-794. Samantha Schaefer from Baylor received an MOP award for Flat and Fences. Schaefer led the team with an individual score of 86 in Fences and an 89 for Flat.

    In Fences, Baylor won 4-1, with a raw score of 415-383. Molly Peddicord scored a point for TCU with a score of 83. It was Peddicord's first time to compete.

    In Flat, Baylor won 3-2, with a raw score of 418-411. Caitlin Ader and Peddicord both had an individual score of 84.

    “We need to ride clean,” Hunt Seat head coach Logan Fiorentino said. “We had some really good rides today, but we had just one major mistake and it impacts our overall score.”

    Overall in the match, TCU was 11-9, with a raw score of 1506-1523.5.

    TCU is set to compete against Kansas State at 11 a.m. Oct. 19 in Springtown, Texas.