New identification software to increase security in the Rec Center


    New software at the University Recreation Center shows student photos when ID cards are swiped to add a level of service and security.

    Associate Director of Campus Recreation Facilities Jay Iorizzo wrote in an email that the new software will make the Rec Center safer.

    Iorizzo wrote that when an ID is swiped or scanned it will now show a larger version of the ID photo, adding additional visual recognition to the ID itself.

    Last spring, TCU Police arrested an individual who was not a TCU student for stealing multiple iPhones from the Rec Center over the course of a week, according to the TCU crime log.

    Brett Nicholson, a sophomore accounting and finance major, works at the front desk in the Rec Center, and said he likes the new software that shows people’s photos.

    “It’s very convenient,” Nicholson said. “It makes things easier. People try to sneak in, and when they give the wrong ID number, it is hard to tell if it’s them just by the name [that comes up on the screen].”

    Nicholson said that instead of having to provide a driver’s license or another form of photo identification, Rec Center employees can just look at the computer screen for a photo.

    Iorizzo wrote that students should always have their ID with them when they come to the Rec Center, although photos will still come up when students give just their ID number.

    “I go to the rec all the time,” said Shannon Edmond, a junior supply and value chain management major. “I don’t know that the new software is completely necessary, but I can see why they would want it.”

    Katelyn Lehman, a senior geology major, said she changes her hair color frequently therefore she doesn’t always look like her ID photo. She said she doesn't know how effective the new software will be since people don’t always look like their ID photo.

    “I do understand why they have it though,” said Lehman.

    Iorizzo wrote that the Rec Center is able to access ID photos because of a script TCU Information Technology wrote, which allows two systems to work together to show a photo when an ID is swiped.

    Iorizzo wrote that the Rec Center has been using the new software since Sept. 26, and they haven’t had any problems with it yet.