Q&A session with the Mr. and Ms. TCU finalists


    Thousands of eyes will be focused on two TCU students as they are crowned Mr. and Ms. TCU during the annual Homecoming football game

    To earn the crown and to gain the title of Mr. or Ms. TCU, candidates must endure an extensive process. 

    The top ten candidates have passed through the preliminary stages and are one step closer to taking the prize. Popularity is not the only thing considered when determining the winners. 

    During the selection process, two segments of voting occur. The first part consists of three components: resume (25 percent), short essay (25 percent) and popularity (50 percent). The second portion is split directly in half: the total combination of part one (50 percent) and popularity (50 percent). The top five men and women will be interviewed as the final step in the selection process. 

    Below are the candidates who have made it to the top 10 for Mr. and Ms. TCU: