TCU students take on Austin for ACL


    For some TCU students, it doesn’t get any better than sitting under the warm sun and listening to loud music while enjoying the company of great friends at Austin City Limits.

    Students who went to Austin for ACL’s first weekend all agreed on two things. First, college is the time in your life when you can be free, exhaust your body for three days straight and get right back to work on Monday without ever skipping a beat. Second, ACL is one of the best weekends of their young adult lives.

    Austin native and senior strategic communications major Meagan Jones said the festival is so popular that her high school gave students the Friday of ACL off because they knew students would miss school no matter what.

    “They decided to just make it a holiday all together,” Jones said.

    On top of that, the festival’s growing popularity over the years has forced an increase in ticket prices and split the concerts into two weekends.

    “Since I live in Austin, it [has] always been super easy [for me] to go,”Jones said. “The first time I went I was in 8th grade and the wristbands only cost $75.”

    However, increased attendance and ticket prices have not stopped TCU students from invading Longhorn territory for a weekend.

    For some, like Jones, last weekend was an extension of a lifelong tradition. For others, it was their first time going and a hugely anticipated experience.

    “I bought my ticket officially probably four or five weeks before ACL, but I was planning on going for months before that,” said junior sports broadcasting major Connor Paden. “It was worth every penny.”

    Sophomore FTDM major Ariana Milligan said she didn’t get her ticket until the Thursday before the festival.

    “I don’t make a lot of impulsive decisions, but it was definitely worth it,” she said. “One of the best weekends of my life.”

    “You’re in the sun and listening to loud music for basically 12 hours a day. It’s incredibly exhausting,” Paden said, “but it’s awesome hanging out in the crowds, talking to everyone and, of course, rocking out to some awesome music with everyone.”

    “College is not just a great time for this, it’s the best time for this,” Paden said.

    Although the first weekend was a success, the second weekend was rained out. Students had to come home early and will be refunded the cost of the ticket.