TCU police department adds new shuttle route


    The TCU police department have added an east campus shuttle route in the evening so that students have option other than Froggie Five-O.

    The new route running between Smith Hall and the Brown-Lupton University Union opened the last week of September. The bus runs from 6 p.m. until midnight, Sunday through Thursday. 

    There are also two other evening bus routes. One runs between Worth Hills and the BLUU, and the other runs between parking lots 3, 4, and 5 and the BLUU.

    Junior business and marketing major Preston Nevlud said he rode the new route to his car after his late class in Smith Hall.

    “It’s just really convenient,” he said. “Especially on hot days, it’s nice to get on the bus and get to your car really quick and not worry about walking and everything.”

    However, Audrey Kromer, a sophomore nursing major, said she doesn’t think most students know a bus runs to and from the west side of campus.

    “It is pretty easy to walk just from this side of campus to the BLUU,” she said, “maybe [you would use the route] if you are scared about crossing University.”

    The new route was designed with the late night library hours in mind, TCU Chief of Police Steve McGee said.

    “We looked at how we could improve the service, and we had gotten a little extra budget money so we decided to a service in the evening to that side of campus and back,” he said.

    Roadrunner Charters, Inc., the company currently contracted to provide buses and drivers, charges the university per bus, per hour, McGee said. The evening routes cost the same as daytime routes.

    The shuttles have several advantages over the golf carts used by Froggie Five-O and police officers to transport students on and near campus, he said.

    “A shuttle bus can take more people,” McGee said. “If you want to go from Worth Hills to the Library, it is probably safer and quicker. And, if it’s a blinding rainstorm, you’re going to be drier.”

    While the buses have set routes, McGee said students can call the police department and request a pick up from anywhere, or they can ask bus drivers to drop them off at a different spot.

    Students looking to request a pickup can call the TCU police at 817-257-7930. Students can also track shuttle locations online.