TCU App Club to help with learning how to program


    For students interested in creating apps, there’s a club for that now.

    Founders of the TCU App Club senior engineering majors Mathew Antony, Dillon Burns, Jose Pacheco and Jeff Myers held their first meeting earlier this month.

    Myers said they want to have a goal-based approach on every learning program the App Club provides.

    “What our goal is for the semester is that we want to get people proficient in the basics in several [coding] languages, and we’re going to do that,” he said.

    The four students said they came up with the idea while working on a project at the Idea Factory, a group based out of the College of Science and Engineering.

    “We found that there was a need on campus for an App Club,” Burns said. “And so we collectively decided that we should do it.”

    Antony said the App Club is open for any student who is interested in making apps.

    “Some people are just so full of ideas for apps, but they either don’t have the expertise or just they need someone to talk it out with,” Antony said. “So I think it’s going to be based on people and what they’re interested in.”

    The first meeting brought in many interested students who had a lot of questions to ask. Junior computer science major Jonathan Moreno said he joined the club to learn more about making apps.

    “I guess I’ve always been interested in applications,” Moreno said. “I kind of have a small project I want to develop, it’s just I want the skills to do it.”

    First-year business major Will Taylor said, “Apps are the future of computing and as far as making your own games and doing it, it’s just a really cool thing to do.”

    The founders hope some will create apps that could impact the world.

    “I want to see apps come out of this group that make a difference in this world,” Burns said. “I want to see something that really changes society and can really have a positive influence on those around us.”

    The club hopes to bring in guest speakers throughout the semester to give some insight on app programming in addition to competing in app competitions.

    The TCU App Club will hold its next meeting Oct. 24. The time and location are to be announced.