TCU Rec purchases new lifting equipment


    The University Recreation Center upgraded its lifting equipment with new Hammer Strength lifting racks in an effort to improve layout and workout efficiency.

    Senior athletic training major Austen Hutchison said he is taking advantage of the purchase.

    “I use the new racks once a day, every time I come in here,” he said.

    Hutchison said the addition allows for a different and more intense type of exercising.

    “They do a lot more than just one machine. They do bench, incline bench and you can make them a squat rack and even a military press,” he said.

    Ryan Keller, Assistant Director of Campus Fitness, said he is pleased with the equipment and commends the Rec Center for the upgrades.

    “We have strength equipment on a five to seven year plan, but every year we evaluate our needs based on popularity with machines,” he said.

    Keller said it is important to consider space as well as how versatile the weights could be when buying exercise equipment. The Hammer Strength racks accomplish both of those tasks.

    “We went for the most bang for our buck. The point of the new racks was [to be able to go] from a strict bench press to an incline press or squat without having to change machines,” he said.

    However, the improvements have a price.

    With ten lifting racks at $6,500 each, the addition was a costly one compared to other workout equipment. The money came out of a capital budget to ensure that other Rec operations, such as club sports, were not affected, Keller said.

    Keller said that replacing the equipment helps keep the Rec Center up and running.

    “This is all to make sure that we can continue to provide the services that we have promised everybody in years past,” he said.