Few students attend Chancellor’s town hall meeting


    For the second year in a row, students failed to show up to Chancellor Victor Boschini’s student town hall meeting.

    Seven students attended the meeting, with the majority being student representatives from the Student Government Association.

    “We have actually quadrupled the attendance,” Chancellor Boschini said in a joking manner. “It’s much better than just having three students: the student body president, a reporter and one student here like we had last year.”

    In the meeting, Chancellor Boschini discussed dining options, parking garages and other construction projects, but tuition was the main topic of conversation.

    SGA student representative Maddie Reddick brought up the concern that although the Chancellor’s Scholarship rises with the cost of tuition, other scholarships do not.

    Boschini said the Chancellor’s Scholarship is different from others because it is essentially a contract to pay for all tuition costs. It makes students choose TCU over other schools, he said.

    “If your parents make a ton of money, we’re not going to raise your merit scholarship because you can obviously afford to go to TCU,” Boschini said. “We have voted to help the neediest students first, and the merit students second. We are very honest about that.”

    Boschini also addressed questions about whether the University has a set in state to out-of-state ratio for each incoming class.

    “We take the 1,800 best-qualified students every year no matter where they are from. If they all came from San Antonio next year, I wouldn’t care as long as they are the best,” he said.

    A second student town hall meeting will be held in the Brown-Lupton University Union Auditorium on November 5 at 12:30 p.m.