Fans attending game should expect rain, game delays


    Fans planning to watch TCU and Texas play in Amon G. Carter Stadium tonight may want to prepare for rain and game delays.

    A representative at the DFW National Weather Service office says chances of rain around kick-off are slim. He did say, however, that Amon G. Carter Stadium might experience some rain later this evening.

    Scattered storm cells northwest of Tarrant County may drop into our area by 8:30 tonight.

    But it’s nothing severe, game-goers. Fans may likely see some lightning, but not much if any.

    The National Weather Service lists a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, which increases to 80 percent as it gets later into the night. The site also lists a high of 74 degrees, and a low of 61 degrees.

    “At kickoff time I’m calling for about a 80% chance of thunderstorms,” Fano said. “Right now I don’t think the severe threat is very high for Tarrant County, but certainly lightning is going to be a hazard for [the game].”

    According to the 2013 NCAA Rules and Interpretations, once a specified monitor observes 30 seconds between a lightning flash and hearing its associated thunder, “all individuals should have left the athletics site and reached a safer structure or location.”

    The rules then recommend a 30-minute waiting period after the last sight of lightning and sound of thunder to resume play.

    TCU Director of Athletics Media Relations Mark Cohen said TCU has equipment to be prepared for hazardous weather situations like this.

    “We have a state-of-the-art lightning detection system in place to alert of any possible threats,” Cohen said. “Once the game starts, the referee is in charge and works with game management personnel to follow approved guidelines.”

    Fano said that as the night goes on, the chance for lightning and delays would increase, although the rain will most likely continue.

    “The good thing is that at least as the evening progresses it’s going to become more rain than thunderstorms,” Fano said. “There may be a delay at the beginning because of lightning, but as time goes on it might be kind of soggy but the lightning threat may diminish.”

    Fano said that incoming patrons just need to prepare for a long night of rain and possibly uncomfortable weather.

    “Definitely bring your rain gear and a good attitude,” he said. “The stadium definitely could get wet.”