Changes to Colby Halloween benefit student volunteers


    Trick-or-treaters at Colby Halloween Tuesday should expect a “carnival atmosphere” with more outdoor events and indoor festivities contained on the first floor.

    The changes are part of an effort to better accommodate student volunteers.

    “We are responding to the needs of our residents, whose primary responsibility is school,” Amanda LaGrone, hall director for Colby Hall, said.

    Residents of the hall will now volunteer for 30-minute shifts. In prior years, they were required to attend the entire event.

    LaGrone said the majority of residents will pass out candy and give tours through Colby’s “haunted” first floor.

    The children of faculty and staff are invited to attend the annual Colby Halloween from 6 – 8 p.m. Tuesday.

    LaGrone, an alumna and former Colby Hall first-year resident, said she fondly remembers her time as a volunteer.

    Rachel Anne Hopper, assistant director of Housing & Residence Life, wrote in an email that over 1,800 children, faculty and staff participated in last year’s Colby Halloween and that she anticipates a similar turnout for this year’s festivities.

    “Colby Halloween is a great way for our students to connect with faculty and staff while building relationships with their peers,” Hopper wrote. “It’s a wonderful way for students to serve families of our TCU community.