Yellow ribbons placed on campus to honor troops


    It’s that time of year when vibrant yellow ribbons make their appearance around TCU’s campus.

    Traditionally, the ribbons are sponsored by the Inclusiveness and International Services organization, but this year, the “Thank You to Our Troops” ribbons are being put up by the Student Veterans Alliance.

    The ribbons are available for anyone to purchase and customize.

    Vice President of the SVA Elyana Ramirez said the ribbons are a great way to get the rest of the student body involved with the organization and say thank you to military members, past and present.

    But if you want one, you’ll have to hurry. The deadline to buy and personalize one of these Ribbons is Nov. 5, she said.

    “Last year Elyana came up with the idea to let people buy the yellow ribbons and put the names of whoever they want [on the ribbon],” said SVA advisor and administrative assistant for the department of Sociology and Anthropology, Shawn Keane.

    Keane said this is the first year SVA decided to make this a fundraiser.

    “The money goes directly back to the SVA,” Ramirez said. “What we intend to do with the money is have meetings that provide the veterans with different resources.”

    These meetings range from carefree bowling nights to more serious meetings that provide information and help for those who are dealing with PTSD, Ramirez said.

    “The yellow ribbon itself is to say thank you to the Veterans but what’s written on it, that’s personal,” said Keane. “It’s just a great way to show that TCU cares about Veterans.”