Students sell socks for a good cause


    Two TCU students are warming feet while also raising money for a good cause.

    Sophomore accounting and finance major Lex Elliott and sophomore education major Darby Dame are the campus representatives for Mitscoots Socks, a company that donates one pair of socks for every pair sold.

    They started their positions in February, speaking at different on-campus organization meetings, selling pairs of socks afterwards.

    Elliot and Dame recently donated 109 pairs of socks to Union Mission Gospel of Tarrant County.

    “That means 109 people had to buy socks, and that’s all thanks to TCU,” Dame said.

    Now that the two have made their first donation, they are ready to get back into action for this semester.

    “We kind of wanted to give everyone a chance to get back into the groove of classes before we started selling again,” Elliott said.

    Tim Scott, co-founder of Mitscoots Socks, came into town to accompany his campus reps during their donation. Scott said that Mitscoots started talks with Texas A&M, UT and Baylor about having campus representatives.

    “There’s a really large contingent of students in Texas who want to give back,” Scott said. “They don’t always have time to volunteer because they have to study and have a lot of class needs. There are ways that they can still give back, and we want to let them know that is one of them.”

    Before heading back to Austin, Scott restocked Elliot and Dame’s inventory, allowing them to start offering the new style of Mitscoots Socks to TCU students.

    “This semester we’re debuting an argyle tall sock, and then next semester, we’re going to offer new colors,” Elliot said. “We’re working on a purple and maybe a pink.”

    To keep people interested, they’re planning on bringing something new to the table every semester, Elliott said.

    To stay informed about the company, like Mitscoots Socks’ Facebook Page. To purchase socks, email Lex Elliott at