SGA passes bill giving money to Frog Aides


    Student Government Association passed a bill Tuesday night that will give $525 to Frog Aides for their fall outreach committee project, an event to recognize the TCU Police Department.

    Ninety-five percent of student representatives voted in favor of the bill, and the money will pay for catering and a banner.

    The banner will be available for students to sign to show their appreciation for the TCU Police Department.

    Many Frog Aides members said they feel that the police department doesn’t get enough recognition for keeping students safe on a daily basis.

    “This is a great idea. I’m amazed that this idea has not been thought of before,” Student Body President Cody Westphal said. “It is our job to keep TCU special, and it’s the little things like this that do just that.”

    A resolution to support the addition of a Rastafarian religion class was introduced by Academic Affairs Committee Chair Matt Spangler and College of Communication representative Nicolette Stanley.

    Stanley said religion professor Darren Middleton has had many students express a big interest in taking a course on Rastafari.

    “He takes about three weeks out of his African Diaspora class to teach about Rastafari, and students still want to learn more and more,” she said.

    This class would fulfill the religion traditions requirement in the undergraduate core curriculum. It will also only be open to honors students the first few years if the class becomes available.

    Ninety-three percent of student representatives voted to support this resolution.

    Other items from Tuesday night’s meeting:

    -Mark Senter was sworn in to fill a previously vacant house position.

    -Improve TCU Day is scheduled for Nov. 13 outside of the library and the Brown-Lupton University Union.