Ceremony dedicated to fallen Frogs


    The TCU community gave appreciation and remembrance to its fallen Frogs on Friday morning with a wreath-laying ceremony.

    The ceremony consisted of the posting of the colors, the national anthem, remarks by ROTC Cadets, and concluded with the laying of the wreath.

    April Brown, a former Marine and assistant director of intercultural and veteran services, said the importance of a wreath-laying ceremony is remembering soldiers that are not here with us anymore.

    “We put a wreath out on the plaza to recognize all of the services along with five roses, which resemble each of the five different branches of the military,” Brown said.

    Along with recognizing the fallen soldiers, the wreath-laying ceremony represents sacrifice, more than any type of celebration with personal statements from the cadets of ROTC, Brown said.

    “We are starting with this as the celebration, so it really kicks off the upcoming week of the veteran celebrations,” she said. “For any veteran who has lost someone in battle, this is a time to honor them.”

    John Tucker, a Fort Worth resident and owner of the John C. Tucker Company, said the wreath-laying ceremony helps to remember his friend, David Warren Leatherbury, who was killed in the Vietnam War.

    “He was a great guy that I was friends with during high school and also at the time I attended TCU,” Tucker said. “It’s a pleasure for him to be remembered.”

    James Liu, a senior Army ROTC cadet and political science major, said the wreath-laying ceremony was about remembering soldiers who have sacrificed themselves for the U.S.

    Along with attending the ceremony, Liu said that this year’s ceremony was special for him because he was a part of the Color Guard that presented the Texas and American flag during the national anthem.

    “It was a great feeling to be able to represent the Army and the United States of America,” Liu said. “It’s important to remember that freedom is not free because there are people who have to go out there and preserve it for us.”