Lacrosse incorporates yoga into practices


    TCU’s lacrosse team is incorporating yoga into its practices to help with conditioning as it prepares for the season.

    Coach Cosey Carlisle said he recently discovered yoga as a way to release personal stress in his life.

    “I really like doing head stands because it’s challenging for me, and it feels cool because I haven’t been able to do that before,” Carlisle said. “I can put my focus into something else, and it winds up benefiting me in the end.”

    Some team members are not quite sure what to expect with this new strategy, but they said they are keeping an open mind.

    “I’ve never done yoga, so I think it would be cool to try,” senior goalie Charlie Wade said. “I think it will make us stronger, as well as in better shape.”

    Other members said they are looking forward to relieving stress by participating in yoga.

    “I feel that coach Carlisle incorporating yoga into practice is a great way to get everyone stretched out and loosened up before we start practice,” senior midfielder Mac Kelly said. “It also helps provide a release from all of our busy days and allows for us to clear our minds from schoolwork and off field distractions.”

    “I have done yoga once over the summer and gained a new respect for those that do it multiple times a week,” he said. 

    Carlisle said he continues to push his team and is optimistic for the overall results.

    “I’m sure some guys are thinking they don’t need it, but once they get used to it and actually do it fully, they will understand,” Carlisle said. “If they did an actual session in a studio, they would realize how beneficial it is.”

    In order to get the team motivated, Carlisle has plans to bring out a former high school friend from Indigo Yoga to teach the team different poses to get them started out. Carlisle said he hopes this will motivate his players to do yoga on their own and even go to a studio session.

    “Warrior poses are really good to build strong stances and strengthen the hips, Carlisle said. “It helps with rotation of the abdomen for shooting. Some of the teammates thought it was funny, but others have really been into it and have been asking about it.”

    The players will benefit from the extra strength yoga can provide, and they could even gain extra motion power for shooting purposes, he said. 

    “I like the fluidity from motion-to-motion and pose-to-pose between the flows. It really stretches you out,” Carlisle said. “It strengthens muscles that you aren’t used to using and it builds stamina, especially in a game like lacrosse where you have four quarters.”

    “People get worn out pretty quick, and that extra strength can really help,” he said.