SGA makes changes to student body code


    Student representatives in the Student Government Association passed a bill to change a crucial section of the student body code to make it easier for students to understand.

    The Elections and Regulations Committee introduced the bill to update title two of the student body code at Tuesday night’s meeting. The committee said they felt they needed to make changes because they were getting questions about attendance and responsibilities of appointed members.

    The presenters of the bill made a point to say that they did not necessarily change the meaning of anything. They changed the wording without making major changes to the document.

    “Our committee just really wanted to focus on cleaning up the student body code and making it easier to understand,” said student representative Emily Rodenbach. “A lot of things were outdated and needed to be clarified, so we worked together to make it more relevant to house today.”

    The biggest change in the student body code from this bill provides a new section for the responsibilities of the speaker of the house. These responsibilities were listed individually in other sections, so the committee deleted them and put them into their own section.

    Student representatives only had positive things to say about the bill, with the exception of a few wording issues.

    “This bill would allow our governing documents to work with each other instead of against each, which would make our jobs that much easier,” said student representative Thomas Kober.