TCU coach teaches athletes about character, living a positive life


    TCU athletics administrators say they have a goal for student-athletes to be well rounded individuals.

    This holistic approach includes building on academics, and building the student-athlete’s character, said Chauncey Franks, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Life and Character Coach.

    Franks is a life and character coach for TCU Athletics and serves as a chaplain to the student athletes as well as the coaches. He helps student athletes with their faith, and mentors them about everyday obstacles that come with being a student athlete.

    Franks said his position involves student-athlete character and leadership development and training, as well as spiritual growth support for both coaches and students.

    Franks said the majority of Division 1 colleges have an FCA coach on campus.

    Franks, a former football player at Midwestern State University, said he dealt with the same struggles he sees athletes go through today. He said he teaches athletes how to be godly men and women.

    “I just come alongside [student athletes] and help them with everything from girlfriend issues to boyfriend issues to family issues,” he said. “I help them find focus and direction for who they are in life and, more than anything, help them have a relationship with Christ.”

    Franks oversees the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on campus and serves as the chaplain for the football team. He has also led leadership and development classes for several of the sports teams at the university.

    Franks said he is trying to make a positive impact on athlete’s lives as well as encourage the coaches. Some student-athletes say they see him as a mentor who they can go to for advice and when they need a shoulder to lean on.

    Sophomore running back Aaron Green said he met Franks during summer practice after Franks introduced himself to the new members of the football team.

    “He’s always there for us,” Green said. “He’s there to talk about my life and just to talk about the struggles of what I was going through. Chauncey is always there so he’s a huge help.”

    Franks has been the life and character coach for almost four years. He said TCU did not have this position before he came to campus.

    Franks said he has been involved with FCA for eight years and worked previously at SMU as a chaplain for the football team, prior to working at TCU.

    “God delivered me from that desolate place,” he said jokingly about leaving SMU to work at TCU.

    Sarah Allen, senior strategic communication major and co-director for FCA, said she has worked really close to Franks.

    “Chauncey has been very helpful,” Allen said. “He’s very open and understanding, he doesn’t judge us because he’s been down the same path as us.”

    Franks said he mentors a few of the players and takes time out every week with them to help with devotional bible study.

    Through FCA, Franks has been a part of giving 300 bibles to student athletes on campus.

    Franks said his job gives him the opportunity to take examples from the Bible and give athletes principles of power to apply to their lives.

    “Life is challenging and there’s going to be times that you’re going to fall, there’s going to be times when you’re going to be victorious,” he said. “There’s times that you’re going to have to fight through different seasons.”

    Student-athletes do not have to fight through such moments alone. Franks says he will be there to help them out.