TCU Forensics Speech and Debate team revamps in 2013


    The TCU Forensics Speech and Debate team is ramped up with a full team and funding this year, said coach and professor Amorette Hinderaker.

    This is the first year the team has had funding and is participating in numerous tournaments since the ‘70s, she said.

    The current goal for the team, Hinderaker said, is to establish team culture and to perform well in competitions.

    The team has attended six tournaments so far this semester and plans to attend one more. Hinderaker said the team has not gone home from a tournament without some sort of win.

    Although Hinderaker said she wants the team to be successful, she said the most important part of the forensics team is learning to use critical thinking.

    President Kelsey Fahler, junior strategic communication major, agreed that critical thinking is one of the most important skills from being a part of the team.

    “Virtually all of our competitive events require us to gain a thorough knowledge of current events and history and require us to analyze how those things will impact society going in to the future,” Fahler said. “Because of this, I’ve become a more intelligent voter, news consumer, participant in the economy and citizen in general.”

    Hinderaker said being part of the forensics team allows students to be more successful in their classes, as well as their careers.

    “It helps them be able to find, construct and express,” Hinderaker said. “It changes the way they think about things.”

    Fahler said being a member of the team has helped her gain a better understanding of the world. She said it also allows her to apply the concepts she is learning in class to current real-world events.

    Timothy Betts, first-year mathematics and philosophy major, said the team influences his ability to think analytically, which helps in all areas of school.

    “I think it is the simple concept of the vast amount of rigor and constant critical thinking that is required to speak off the top of your head that I will really carry in to the future,” said Betts.