Teacher and students are putting away their shaving cream for a cause


    One teacher and two students have found a creative way to raise money for prostate cancer research.

    Christopher Watts, chair of the the department of communication sciences and disorders, along with junior habilitation of the deaf major Jerrick Suiter and second-year graduate student Nathan Thorpe have decided to let their mustaches run wild for the month of November.

    “Our goal is to raise $2,100, or $700 for each of us,” Watts said. “If we can raise $2,100 by Nov. 30, on Monday, Dec. 2, three lucky students, faculty or staff members will ‘manscape’ our faces by shaving off half of our facial hair.”

    The catch?

    Dr. Watts, Suiter and Thorpe will have to sport these “manscaped” faces for the rest of the day.

    “We are not stipulating that it has to be a hemispheric removal,” Watts said while laughing. “It can be any style the lucky winner chooses.”

    The inspiration for “manscaping” came from Watts, Thorpe said.

    The movement emerged as a way to raise awareness about men’s health, specifically cancer, Watts said. The term “manscaping” came along when they decided to focus specifically on prostate cancer, which only effects men.

    “The idea of going a month without shaving is something I did a lot as an undergrad, but there was never any deeper purpose to it, just an excuse to grow awesome beards,” Thorpe said.

    The cause hits Suiter on a much more personal level; his grandfather is a prostate cancer survivor.

    Suiter said that losing half of his facial hair for a day will be worth the money that they hope to raise by the end of the month.

    Thorpe agrees, but admits he is a little nervous about shaving his beard.

    “My default mode is bearded, and I hardly recognize myself without one,” Thorpe said. “I’ve had some form of beard or facial hair for the last eight years.

    Nerves aside, Thorpe said shaving would be absolutely worth it because it would mean they had met their fundraising goal.

    To make a donation to help the trio reach their goal of $2,100 by Nov. 30, and to then be entered in the drawing to have a chance to “manscape”, visit their page on the official U.S. Movember website.

    Everyone who makes a donation to their team on the Movember website will be notified via email by Nov. 30 if the team was able to reach their goal.