Omega Psi Phi brings awareness to domestic violence


    Omega Psi Phi hosted a fashion show, Br∑λqing the Silence, in the Brown-Lupton University Union auditorium Thursday evening to spread awareness for domestic violence.

    Omega Psi Phi’s founder’s day was Nov. 17, which marked the start of Omega Week. Every day, the fraternity hosted events to spread awareness for domestic violence.

    To spread the word, Omega Psi Phi posted on Facebook, made fliers, and used word of mouth, said Omega Psi Phi’s Keeper of Records Jordan Guerra.

    During the week, the multicultural fraternity place boxes in set locations around TCU’s campus, which allowed students and faculty to donate clothes, hygiene products and baby care products. The donated products will go to a local shelter, SafeHaven, the middle school education major said.

    SafeHaven advocates for freedom from domestic violence. Last year it sheltered 1,088 abused women and 1,355 children, and provided 159,798 meals, according to the SafeHaven website.

    Omega Psi Phi has mandated programs that it focuses on throughout the year, which consist of health initiatives and political awareness.

    “We really felt that domestic violence was something that we wanted to do, because no one really does that. We wanted to do one that not too many people raise awareness for,” said Omega Psi Phi President Darius Thompson.

    Women and children walked the runway in Muse by Donchunte. The designer, Donchunte Bates, said that one of the reasons she decided to showcase her “edgy and feminine” clothes was to aide Omega Psi Phi in bringing awareness to domestic violence.

    “We all thought that this is something that people don’t talk about,” Guerra said. “We wanted an event to empower women and children.”