New Village East apartments to be available next fall


    The Village East apartments are building on three new locations that are expected to be available for move in next August.

    The Village East apartments, formerly known as The Cottages, currently have 20 apartments on Sandage Avenue.

    Danielle Little, the property manager for Village East apartments, said 76 new units are being built. These apartments will be on Lubbock Avenue, Merida Avenue, and McCart Avenue.

    Little said available options for students include apartments ranging from two bedrooms up to five bedrooms.

    According to the Village East website, rent varies from $885 to $985 per month per bed, depending on the unit.

    Craig Allen, director of housing and residence life, said that the new apartments would not have a strong affect on TCU’s desire for 100 percent on-campus housing.

    Allen said that TCU’s plan is to offer on-campus housing for all students, including juniors and seniors.

    “TCU’s plan is to be 100 percent residential,” he said.

    Allen said that he believes students would prefer on-campus housing if they had the option.

    “We have juniors and seniors that would love to be on campus,” Allen said.

    He said that there are currently more than 500 people on the housing wait list.

    Allen said the Campus Commons were built to meet the housing demand, but the demand went up as TCU’s enrollment rate increased.

    He said new residential buildings would keep appearing on campus until all student housing needs are met.

    “We will continue to build until we know we’ve met that demand,” Allen said.