SGA passes bill for calculator program


    Student representatives unanimously passed a bill to fund a pilot calculator program for the library at Tuesday night’s Student Government Association meeting.

    This program will allot $783.11 to buy calculators that will be put in the library for student use. Students will be able to rent a calculator for a maximum of four hours for use in the library or for class. 

    The idea for the bill came from students who have forgotten their calculators for tests or homework and didn’t have time to walk back to their dorm or car.

    “For someone who commutes half an hour to school, I think this bill is great. I really have no option because I can’t drive home to get what I need,” said student representative Steffen Francisco.

    The Academic Affairs Committee said that this program would work the same way as renting a laptop or headphones. Students who do not return the calculators on time will be fined per hour.

    Support for a resolution of the extension of the pass/no credit deadline was expressed at Tuesday’s night meeting.

    Tierney Johnson and Jacob Greenstein, the presenters of the resolution, received more than 400 responses on a survey for students about the deadline.

    “Many other schools that TCU competes with either provide more pass/no credits or their deadlines are later in the semester, so we want to find a compromise somewhere in the middle,” Johnson said.

    Johnson also said that the current TCU deadline is right before a large number of teachers give midterm exams, so students don’t have an accurate representation of what grade they could make in a class.

    “More time to decide if you want to use a pass/no credit for a class would definitely mean less stress for students,” said student representative Burton Cowles.