Three swimmers close to beating 20-year-old record


    Sebastian Arispe, Adam Szilagyi and Anthony McMurry are all battling to break a swim record from 1993.

    The 20-year-old record for the 200-meter freestyle is the last of TCU alum Ron Forrest’s seven records that he set as a swimmer on the TCU team. However, he would like to see that record broken this season.

    “As somebody who had a record, it’s always nice to be able to see someone new break that record and for somebody else to come along and be the top person on the poll,” Forrest said. “So I’m actually fine with it being broken at this point.”

    Head coach Richard Sybesma described Forrest as a “hard worker” when he swam for him from the fall of 1990 to the spring of 1994.

    “He’s the type of guy who came in and worked warm up,” Sybesma said. “Most people kind of get the body warmed up, but not Ron. Ron had to go 100 percent. He was a very tough competitor and he’s the kind of guy that when he felt confident, he could win just about any race he entered.”

    Sybesma also described Arispe, Szilagyi and McMurry as confident swimmers.

    “Sebastian is exactly like Ron,” Sybesma said. “Adam can do anything; he’s our superman. And then you’ve got Anthony McMurry, who’s a really good 50, 100, and 200 swimmer.”

    Junior communication studies major Szilagyi is two-tenths of a second from Forrest’s record.

    “I’ve been fighting with this record ever since I got here,” Szilagyi said. “I just want to break it one time.”

    His teammate, senior marketing major Arispe, is also fighting for this record, saying that he’s about half a second off Forrest’s time. He also holds the record in the 500-yard freestyle, which previously belonged to Forrest.

    Sophomore environmental science major McMurry is a transfer student from Florida State who already has a best time faster than the record. However, in order for his time to make the record board, he will have to swim it for TCU.

    “I’m a second beneath the record right now and hopefully at the end of the season I’ll be under it again by a second or two,” McMurry said.

    Although Sybesma said he thought the record would be broken the last ten years, he is confident that Forrest’s record will be broken during conference this season.