Men’s lacrosse goalie balances saves and schoolwork


    Hailing from Austin, Texas, senior lacrosse goalie Charlie Wade has been playing lacrosse since he was in the fifth grade.

    “Fifth grade was the first year that I was actually allowed to play it,” Wade said. “I was really attracted to the contact in the sport, and it was also something new that I had never experienced before. I like new challenges.”

    Wade was drawn to TCU because of athletics and the small class sizes.

    “The experience you get at TCU is just so different compared to other colleges,” Wade said. “The teachers here are actually willing to work with you, and you’re not just another number. It’s great to have such a support system in school, especially with how stressful college can be.”

    He looks to his father for inspiration, especially through his busy school schedule.

    “My father has always been someone I can look up to and go to for advice,” Wade said. “He has always been behind me no matter what I have tried in life. If I didn’t have his support, it would be very difficult to balance everything that I have going on.”

    Wade is a sports broadcasting major and criminal justice minor. Along with lacrosse and school, Wade spends most of his time at Valley Ranch, where he interns for the Dallas Cowboys. Before he was an intern, he worked in game production doing promotions for the Cowboys.

    “I definitely see myself working in the sports industry long term,” Wade said. “I can see myself working in a control room five years from now or doing something hands on with sporting events. It is really tough to balance everything, which I’ve had to learn to do better. I honestly don’t have much time to do anything else, but I enjoy what I do.”

    When Wade does get a free moment, you can find him hunting with friends out on the range or keeping up with his favorite sports teams: the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    “I have a passion for sports,” Wade said. “When I’m not actually working in sports, I’m still watching sports and staying involved somehow. It’s a way of life. It’s a lot of fun to be an athlete myself and to see what goes on in a production on the other side. You see things from a different perspective, and it has given me a lot of respect for the industry on all levels.”

    From freshman to senior year, Wade has grown in his leadership roles both as a lacrosse player and in the classroom.

    “Conditioning on the field was a huge obstacle I had to overcome because I hate running,” Wade said. “I’ve really had to learn how to manage school work during the lacrosse season, and it made me more studious. I have grown a lot since then and I act as a leader for my teammates. I’ve learned how to be a better leader as well as a great teammate to others.”

    Wade has had a few injuries since playing lacrosse, including three concussions, a torn groin, a broken clavicle, broken fingers and broken toes.

    “You get injured, and you bounce back from it,” Wade said. “It happens and there’s not much you can do but move past it and work harder. The injuries I’ve had made me stronger as a person and a player. Goalie can be dangerous at times, but I love doing what I do.”

    Wade stays optimistic for what his future has in store.

    “I don’t think I have found my biggest challenge in life yet, but when it comes, I think I will be prepared to handle it head on,” Wade said. “I try to stay pretty positive about the future, as you never know what may or may not happen. I’m looking forward to graduating, but I will miss my team and all the memories I have with lacrosse.”