SAC alumni celebrate 12 years of laughs


    Alumni from across the country performed before a standing-room-only crowdSaturday evening at Senseless Acts of Comedy’s first alumni show.

    The auditorium of the Brown Lupton University Union reached its maximumcapacity within minutes, shocking former performers who remembered smaller crowds.

    Steve Rupp, a member of the student improvisation group from 2005-2009 who returned for the show, said there were only 25-50 people in the audience when it all started.

    Connor Paden, current president of SAC and a junior journalism and sports broadcasting double major, said SAC is coming up on its 12th year and “there is so much to celebrate.”

    Ricky Anderson, a member from 2007-2010, said that it was nice to see how much the community has grown and “how many people are lining up to be a part of this.”

    “The audience gives so much to the performers and we felt comfortable just being able to perform for such an awesome crowd,” Anderson said.

    More than 300 people filled the auditorium on Saturday night, reflecting the crowds of SAC’s Thursday evening shows last semester. Due to the limited space in the auditorium, some were turned away to watch SAC’s first live stream on YouTube.

    “It was great to see all the generations of SAC out there. The old and the new, laughing together on stage,” said Justin Kirchhoff, one of the founding members of the group in 2002.

    Jordan Fowler, a sophomore strategic communication major, said that it was “awesome to see the current members perform with the alumni who were the building blocks to such a great organization on campus.”

    Rupp said it was rewarding to see his “tradition” continue through current students.

    “It all comes down to the idea that we are trying to keep this tradition going,” Rupp said. “SAC was my home and always will be.”