SGA adopts resolution for 2-ply toilet paper


    According to a resolution passed by the Student Government Association Tuesday, when it comes to bath tissue, TCU’s one-ply toilet paper does not sufficiently meet students’ needs.

    The resolution to switch paper passed with 96 percent of House members in favor.

    In a previous article for TCU 360, students shared their opinions regarding the one-ply tissue currently used in campus buildings.

    The resolution proposed the University change from 1-ply toilet paper to 2-ply and was introduced by Student Body President Cody Westphal and Chief of Staff Blake Tilley.

    Westphal said the idea behind the resolution came from the number of student complaints he received about TCU’s current toilet paper. One complaint compared it to that of “the government’s incarceration facilities”, while another likened it to “sandpaper.”

    “The low quality of 1-ply toilet paper encourages inefficiencies through overuse,” said Westphal.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini and Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull have also expressed their support of the resolution, citing cost as the reason behind TCU’s current use of one-ply toilet paper, although it’s “negligible.”

    Other universities across the nation, such as Harvard, Yale, Duke and the University of Kansas, have all been able to change to 2-ply toilet paper with no cost increase. Some were able to switch with no change in cost, and others with even a cost reduction.

    Noting the volume of student response to the issue of 1-ply toilet paper, Westphal and Tilley hope to make a campus-wide change through the resolution that reflects the voice of the student body.

    Also during the meeting, three new representatives took the oath of office. Bryce Griffith, a junior engineering major, was sworn in as a representative for the Class of 2015. Taylor Meneley, a sophomore secondary education major, became a College of Education representative. Yun Lim, a first-year business information systems major, took the oath to become a Neely School of Business representative.