SGA honors former Fort Worth Mayor Bob Bolen


    Student Government Association representatives, recognizing a lifetime of achievement, honored former Fort Worth mayor Bob Bolen at Tuesday’s meeting.

    House members voted unanimously to adopt a resolution intended to celebrate Bolen’s life and legacy serving both the Fort Worth and TCU communities. Bolen died on Jan. 6.

    Not only was Bolen Fort Worth’s longest-serving mayor from 1982-1991, but he also contributed to TCU in a variety of ways, according to the resolution document. 

    Bolen served as the senior advisor to the chancellor from 1991-2013, and provided guest lectures and advised the dean of the Neeley School of Business, according to the resolution. In addition, Bolen was a recipient of an honorary doctoral degree in public service at TCU. 

    He also accepted the Royal Purple Award in 1992 for his exemplary service to the university and Fort Worth, according to the resolution. 

    “We know how important he was to Fort Worth, and we just want to make sure the TCU family, as well as Bolen’s family, recognizes how important he was to us,” said Speaker of the House Ryan Tiglas, one of the presenters of the resolution. 

    The resolution, also introduced by Frog Aides Assistant Director Emily Denney, will be signed by both Tiglas and Student Body President Cody Westphal before being sent to Bolen’s family and assistant. A signed copy of the resolution will be kept at TCU. 

    Also at the meeting, House members adopted a resolution to recommend healthier vending machine options. Tori Bertschy, chairwoman of the Dining Services Committee, introduced the resolution, which was adopted with 93 percent approval. 

    Bertschy, a sophomore business major, said she had received several comments about the current vending machines, which only feature less-healthy food. Many of those comments came from nursing students who spent most of their days in Winton-Scott Hall, and wanted healthier options. 

    With SGA’s support, Bertschy said her next step is to meet with Joe Laster, the director of the Facility Services Department, regarding the present vending machine contract. She hopes to be able to introduce a new company to TCU that would provide vending machine choices like “coconut water, milk, KIND bars, cans of soup, salads,” and other healthier foods.