Inaugural Herman Brown Lecture will cover Iran, North Korea


    The inaugural Herman Brown Lecture is seeking to answer tough questions about American policy toward North Korea and Iran.

    Dr. A. Cooper Drury, a leader in the study of economic sanctions, will speak about the consequences of those sanctions to students, faculty and staff Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m in Palko 130.

    Dr. James Scott, the Herman Brown Chair and professor in the political science department at TCU, said his department decided to start a lecture series to contribute to the university.

    “From the Brown Foundation support, funds are available in part for programming to enrich the intellectual and academic life of the department and campus community,” said Scott.

    Scott said TCU political science department sought to bring a noted scholar with an international reputation and expertise for the lecture.

    “[Drury] is an engaging scholar and presenter with substantial international visibility and expertise,” said Scott, “so his contribution is certain to be intriguing and valuable.”

    Drury will speak about how the United States should approach states like North Korea and Iran, with subsequent consequences kept in mind during the policymaking process.

    “Ultimately, the U.S. faces some politically difficult choices with Iran, and a long, conflict-ridden road ahead with North Korea,” Drury wrote in an email to TCU 360.

    Drury’s lecture is entitled “Punishing Rogues? North Korea, Iran and the Dilemmas of Economic Sanctions.”

    “[Economic sanctions] often cause deterioration of human rights [and] democracy,” Drury wrote.

    Drury is a professor and chair of the political science department at the University of Missouri and the editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy Analysis, a journal reviewing the latest research and theories on foreign policy.

    The event is free to the public and no reservation is required.