SGA vice president stepping down


    Student Government Association Vice President for External Affairs Hillary Shepheard is stepping down due to compliance with TCU’s “academic policies.”

    In an email to the SGA House of Representatives, TCU Student Body President Cody Westphal wrote: “It is with a heavy heart and after a great many hours of contemplation that I am reaching out to y’all today. With much sadness, it is my responsibility as President to share that our Vice President for External Affairs Hillary Shepheard will no longer be continuing her tenure in office.”

    Shepheard, a junior strategic communication major, has served in SGA since 2012. She previously served as a House representative for the College of Communication.

    Westphal wrote: “TCU Student Organizations has academic policies in place that are unfortunately out of our hands and beyond any control of SGA, and due to these policies, we are no longer able to accept Hillary’s service in the office of a Cabinet position.”

    He also mentioned that in the case of an office vacancy, the president “shall, within five business days, nominate a replacement who shall take office upon confirmation by two-thirds of the membership of the House.”

    Westphal ended the e-mail saying, “This is an unprecedented circumstance in recent TCU SGA history, but it is without doubt that I know we will make it through together. We remain dedicated to our service of students, and with the installment of our new officer, we will continue our path to making this 100th session of House one that leaves an impact long after all of us are gone.”

    Shepheard did not respond to phone calls from TCU 360 on Thursday afternoon. Westphal also did not respond to phone calls on Thursday afternoon.

    The SGA will be taking applications from current members of House to fill Shepheard’s position, which will be reviewed at a special Cabinet session the night of Monday, Feb. 3.