New Bob Schieffer exhibit to replace study room


    The first thing students will see walking into Moudy South will no longer be a simple study room–soon, it will be a small tribute to Bob Schieffer.

    Around April 9, there will be a new addition to the Bob Schieffer College of Communication that will display the history and accomplishments of Bob Schieffer.

    This room will provide students and visitors a glimpse into the life and history of Schieffer. There will be notebooks that Schieffer has used, including the purple 3-ring binder that he used for mediating the presidential debate in 2012. Schieffer’s books that he has written and of course, the many prestigious awards he has received will be included. Even the wallpaper will potentially be made up of scans of Schieffer’s press passes, David Whillock, the dean of the college, said.

    “The whole idea is to get a feeling of who this person is, the impact he’s had on this industry, the impact that he’s had on our college at TCU, in general. All of that is the purpose of this,” Whillock said.

    Whillock said his long term plan for this room is for it to be a rotating exhibit, not only to keep up with all the accomplishments Schieffer has already done, but also with anything that he may do in the future. Also, there is a future plan to include an interactive video that will help visitors see the connection between Schieffer and the college.

    “We also look at this as a recruitment tool, with this name and the students and parents coming in and looking at these archives. I think it gives them an opportunity to understand how important that we are and how lucky we are to have an alumni as well known as Dr. Schieffer,” Whillock said. 

    With the study room gone, students have lost a place to sit down and study outside of the classrooms on the first floor. Whillock said this issue will have to be solved as time passes because there is not another room that can provide that at the moment. 

    Editor’s note: This story was updated on Friday, Feb. 7 at 9:44 a.m.