Roxo welcomes first consumer product into clientele


    A purchase at a craft bazaar has brought Roxo, TCU’s student-run strategic communication agency, its first opportunity to represent a consumer product.

    Margaret Ritsch, instructor and faculty advisor at Roxo, said she discovered the organic skincare line Avapure at a Christmas event last December. After buying a few products, Ritsch said she became a fan.

    “I tried this out for myself and could see very quickly that it’s better than anything I’ve ever used before,” Ritsch said. “It’s just fantastic, and I’m completely hooked.”

    She then decided to approach Avapure’s owner, Alisha Wendell, and ask if Avapure would be interested in working with Roxo.

    Wendell, who had never considered advertising her product, agreed to meet with Roxo.

    “I left feeling really good about it and really excited to see what’s going to happen in the next few months,” Wendell said.

    Reaching out to health and beauty bloggers is one of the ways Roxo plans to bring media awareness to Avapure, Ritsch said. Roxo plans to send out product samples and press materials to bloggers and magazines over the next few weeks.

    Ritsch said launching a consumer product will bring new challenges for the students working at Roxo.

    “They’ll be making phone calls to editors that will say, ‘I don’t have time to talk with you right now!’ and slam the phone because they’re tired of hearing from people,” Ritsch said. “So they’ll have to learn how to push through regardless.”

    Despite the challenges, Ritsch said students are thrilled to be working for Avapure.

    “It will be unique what we can come up with,” Dana Montes, a senior strategic communication major and production manager of Roxo, said.

    Roxo, which means “purple” in Portuguese, opened at TCU in Jan. 2012. The agency handles advertising and public relations, giving students academic credit while working for real clients.

    Roxo has previously worked for organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth and Girls, Inc.