Global Chef adds Australian flavor to Market Square


    Some students walked away from Market Square experiencing a taste of the Australian culture.

    Australian chef Graeme Parnham prepared an Australian meal with the Market Square staff for the annual Global Chef event Friday afternoon.

    Kangaroo and lemon myrtle soup with vegetarian wontons was the main dish served at the event.

    Graeme Parnham, head chef for Sodexo Remote Sites, said kangaroo was similar to the antelope he tried here in Texas.

    Parnham explained that kangaroo is surfacing as a popular Australian dish.

    “I tried kangaroo for the first time,“ said Kristy Charron, a freshman undeclared major, “It actually tasted a lot like beef which I was surprised.”

    Matthew Imaizumi, a freshman business major said he tried kangaroo for the first time today too.

    “I walked in and was a little shocked when I saw kangaroo up,” he said, “I didn’t know they ate those little guys.”

    First-year business major Josh Diehl said the meat was tough and Stacy Boyd, a freshman mechanical engineering, agreed.

    For Diehl, kangaroo was something he would have never tried. But, Diehl and Boyd both said they enjoyed the experience because it opened them up to something new.

    Darian Pace, area marketing coordinator for Sodexo dining, said this event is intended to encourage students to taste different cuisines. He said the event allows students to be exposed to different cultures from around the world.

    “It’s fun to try new things,” Charron said. “That was my new years resolution to try new foods.”

    She said the Global Chef event was a fun way to change up her dining experience.

    “We get tired of the normal routine at the BLUU and walking in to see this with a lot of different options was a nice change up and it got everyone excited,” Imaizumi said.

    Parnham will be traveling on the Sodexo Global Chef tour. He said he will visit eight or nine states and about a dozen different universities during his trip.