Weekly gatherings to bring TCU community closer through prayer


    The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life hopes to unify the student body through a new weekly prayer session open to all faith traditions.

    Located on the first floor of Jarvis Hall, the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life has a variety of spaces used to deepen spiritual life, connect with a larger community and engage in life-changing conversations.

    Allison Lanza, an associate chaplain to the university, said sessions will be held at noon every Wednesday for the rest of the spring semester. The multi-faith prayer room will be designated specifically as a place for students to come and find a quiet space.

    Prayer necessities such as meditation pillows, music and chanting, candles, multiple religious texts and a variety of other prayer and meditation resources will be available to students, according to TCU Religious & Spiritual Life.

    Lanza said she brought the idea of weekly prayer sessions to TCU in hopes of giving a student body with different religious denominations a chance to come together.

    “One reason we are offering these prayer sessions is to offer the opportunity for prayer,” Lanza said. “Another is to be able to teach different types of prayer from different faith traditions and different types of Christianity, and just to help give people quietness and spirituality in the middle of the week.”

    Associate Chaplain Todd Boling said he expects these prayer sessions to bring the student body even closer.

    “Part of the goal is to bring the community around prayer, to name the things that we need prayer for,” Boling said. “We’re also looking at ways we can approach prayer differently. Sometimes it becomes more of a routine, rather than a relationship.”