TCU aims for 40 Chancellor’s Scholars


    The academic averages of the Chancellor Scholar finalists are among the best admitted to TCU: An average GPA of 3.97, an average class rank of 1.64 percent, an average SAT score of 2210 and an 33.33 average ACT score.

    The high school students who are responsible for those averages came to campus this weekend as Chancellor’s Scholars finalists, visiting TCU as part of their process. TCU invited 144 finalists for the Chancellor’s Scholars weekend and 115 accepted the offer, said Michael Marshall, the chancellor’s intern.

    Those in attendance are competing for a selective scholarship for which many apply, but few get awarded. This upcoming year, the goal is to enroll 40 chancellor scholars, Marshall said. The number could rise if more finalists meet university goals.

    The Chancellor’s Scholarship, which Marshall calls the most prestigious academic scholarship at TCU, is worth more than $154,000.

    Chancellor’s Scholars weekend is “designed to showcase the university,” Marshall said. where the ultimate goal is to “show the students who we are as TCU, and give the most comprehensive look at the university.”

    The Scholar candidates in attendance this weekend have already been accepted to the university and offered a scholarship. Applicants arrived Thursday, and were immediately submerged into TCU’s collegiate experience.

    The potential recipients attended an Honors College preview, in which the the John V. Honors College Dean Peggy Watson and Director of Prestigious Scholarships Ronald Pitcock, spoke on behalf of the college.

    The candidates were able to hear from Honors College students and professors during ‘Experience TCU’ on Friday.

    Later Friday evening, TCU hosted a three course Chancellor’s Scholar Dinner where the attendees could interact with Chancellor’s Scholar students and interviewees. Through the course of the meal, an alumni panel responded to frequently asked questions, such as freshman year experiences.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini later took the stage to welcome the prospective students.

    On Saturday, current Chancellor’s Scholar students, along with faculty and staff members, interviewed the prospective students. Going into their third year of this program, Marshall said the process makes the application much more personal.

    Three years ago, the scholarship was awarded to students upon looking at their application and supporting documents.

    “Now we get to talk to the students in person,” said Marshall, “we get to hear about the process; hear about the blood, sweat and tears they have invested in becoming what we see on campus this weekend.”

    Boschini said he believes that TCU will stand out this weekend to the prospective students.

    “Every school has good buildings and great professors, and all the things we have,” he said. “Our edge is the people, the professors and the students.”