Five ideas to make Valentine’s Day fabulous


    The national day of love is just around the corner, along with all the pressure that comes with planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

    Every couple has the tendency to succumb to the pattern of a predictable date routine.

    This Valentine’s Day, get out of your typical rut and skip the typical dinner-and-a-movie date by trying some of the following unique Valentine’s Day date ideas.

    1. Take a trip to Dallas

    Despite being less than an hour away, Dallas feels like it’s a world apart from Cowtown. The city offers a more chic and glamorous atmosphere and the food options are unparalleled. Whether you cruise McKinney Avenue in Uptown or bar-hop down Henderson Avenue in East Dallas, there is something different and exciting for everyone. For a truly special date, try Tanoshii, a Japanese-style ramen bar in Deep Ellum.

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    2. Check off a bucket list item

    Find the craziest common item on both of your bucket lists and make it your goal to check it off this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s skydiving, bungee jumping or a road trip, not only will it be a different and thrilling activity but also might spark a new and better chapter in your relationship.

    3. Recreate your first date

    Even if your first date was something as simple as coffee or ice cream, putting a part of it into your evening can be a great addition to an otherwise typical Valentine’s Day. Recreate your first date by returning to the original locale. This is a sweet way to remember why you liked each other in the first place.

    4. Be a tourist

    Rather than going to your go-to date spots, try something different. Be a tourist in your own city by exploring new areas of the Metroplex. By visiting art galleries, museums or restaurants you normally wouldn’t, you will keep the evening spontaneous and exciting. You might even try the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

    5. Go dancing

    The Fort Worth area is filled with a plethora of places for the opportune dancing experience. Whether it’s two-stepping at Billy Bob’s or salsa dancing, showing your moves on the dance floor is the perfect way to impress your date, even if you’re not the best.