SGA discusses possibilities for remaining budget money


    Student representatives were encouraged to brainstorm new ideas for campus projects at Tuesday night’s Student Government Association meeting. 

    With funds remaining in several SGA budgets, House members discussed various options for the leftover money. Jeffrey Chatman, chairman of the Finance Committee, led the conversation. 

    Chatman explained that the House of Student Representatives began the year with a general budget of $45,000. Out of that money, about $33,692 remains. 

    “It’s good to get the conversation going [about] something you don’t like about campus that is going to take a little bit of money…that’s what this money is here for: to benefit the student body,” Chatman said. 

    College of Communication Representatives Caroline McKee and Chase Haller said that they would love to see some of the extra money go towards food options in the Moudy Building. 

    “Since they’re re-doing that whole bottom floor and then part of the second floor, we were thinking since we’re so far away from the BLUU, maybe we could put something in,” McKee said. “Or if we could just get vending machines, then that would be a really cool place to start.” 

    Chatman said that it’s the House’s decision regarding how to spend the leftover money. Options for the remaining budget include projects to improve campus, departmental funding (with a maximum of $10,000), and student organizations. However, allocating funds to student scholarships and charity organizations is not allowed. 

    In addition, $93,800 remains in a residual budget for SGA. This budget includes money not spent on previous fall concerts, which have been funded by the Chancellor’s Office for the past two years. 

    Chatman said that the money left over in this budget could be used to fund a bigger project for campus. This could include next year’s fall concert, which will instead be paid for by SGA. Past large projects that the House has funded include the bronze Super Frog statue and the TCU Student Memorial

    Lastly, an estimated $15,000 remains in the $30,000 Finance Committee budget. This money is designated solely for the funding of student organizations. 

    Chatman said that any money left over in the budgets at the end of this year will roll over into budgets for next year. 

    Treasurer Zach Madel said that while he doesn’t have any specific ideas for the remaining money, he wants to focus on spending it “in a quality, responsible way.”

    “I don’t want to focus so heavily on [that] we have to spend this money…we always have more expenses, we always have more concerts, we always have more possible years of ideas,” Madel said. “I want to really focus on spending it on quality because I think we’re capable of doing that.”

    Also during the meeting, first-year business major Ryker Thompson was sworn in as a John V. Roach Honors College Representative. He is taking the seat previously held by new Vice President of External Affairs Blake Tilley.