New women-only program offers helpful skills and fellowship


    TCU women now have an excuse to delay homework for a coffee break.

    Lattes and Leadership is a new women-only program this year that offers coffee, snacks and discussion. Each program features a guest speaker and an opportunity for students to talk about different topics and learn something tangible, said Robin Williamson, assistant dean of student development services.

    The first two programs focused on personal style and personal brands, and the third Lattes and Leadership program on Feb. 14 educated women about money.

    “Financial literacy is so important for young people,” Williamson said. “Just to be confident and have some freedom and flexibility in your life as you move forward.”

    Guest speaker Brooke Shuman, transitions coordinator for student development services, spoke to TCU women about how to “Learn to Love Your Money.” Shuman said money can be complicated and bring up a lot of emotions and stress for young women. Students just need to “get to know” their money, where it is going and what they are doing with it.

    “You need to take care of yourself,” Shuman said. “You need to take care of your property. And you need to have that money to be able to.”

    Williamson said she developed the Lattes and Leadership program in the fall after hosting an afternoon tea for new female students who decided not to participate in sorority recruitment. She said she wanted to let the women know they were not alone. 

    After speaking with the students, Williamson said they wanted more opportunities to connect. The Lattes and Leadership programs are open to all women at the university.

    “We’re just trying to put together workshops that help women learn helpful skills and to be able to interact with one another,” Williamson said.

    Williamson said she hopes to have two more Lattes and Leadership programs this semester, and said one may focus on Sheryl Sandberg’s new novel, Lean In.

    “We really wanted to create a space for women to talk about topics, learn helpful hints, helpful skills and also just have some fellowship with one another in order to help them grow and develop,” Williamson said.