‘The Real Group’ performs at Ed Landreth Auditorium


    The Real Group, a world-renowned Swedish a cappella group, performed Sunday for the first time in Fort Worth.

    “It was an experience that I can’t even describe,” said Melody White, an interior designer and member of a separate a cappella group. “It was breathtaking and I am inspired by their music.”

    The Real Group is made up of Emma Nilsdotter, Katarina Henryson, Anders Edenroth, Morten Vinther and Anders Jalkéus.

    Katarina Henryson said she hoped the audience understood that if everyone embraces the power of music, “then the world would be a very good place.”

    The jazz, pop and Nordic European a cappella quintet performed in Ed Landreth Auditorium, which was filled with TCU students, musicians, directors and members of the Fort Worth community.

    “The most amazing thing is that it is all a cappella and all perfectly in tune,” said Brad White, director of the men’s choir, TCU Frog Corp.

    “I am inspired and am going to share what I learned tonight with the men in my choir, for when people that love music are put together, there is just no end to what can happen,” White said.

    “Whenever you see a group this good, it makes you want to go practice until you drop, and I am at that point right now,” said Luke Wingfield, senior music education major.

    The students of TCU’s and UNT’s jazz choirs had the opportunity to meet with The Real Group before the concert and perform for them.

    “I was terrified to sing in front of them, but they were such a welcoming group, as was UNT, and it felt like I was performing for my family,” said Blake Jennings, sophomore vocal performance major.

    Camille Spooner, senior vocal performance major, said it was amazing having the opportunity to talk with them and get their insight on how they calibrate as musicians to form the final product that she was able to see.

    “I hope to perform in some way in the future and I think they are proof that hard work does pay off. It is inspiring,” said Spooner.

    The Real Group shared their advice with the students and encouraged them to find what they love about music and continue to pursue the field.

    “My musical education was a huge part of my musical life. It does matter and has led me to where I am today,” said Anders Jalkéus, member of The Real Group.

    Amy Pummill Stewart, instructor in choral music and music theory and director of TCU’s jazz ensemble, said she is going to use what she learned from The Real Group’s performance to improve TCU’s jazz choir.

    It went better than I could have ever imagined. They were amazing and I am so pleased with the crowd we had,” said Stewart. “I couldn’t be happier.”