Neeley School completes spring 2014 admission process


    Students completed the last step in the admissions process on Saturday to become a declared business major in the Neeley School of Business.

    The interview process is meant to prepare students for the real world, not to hurt their chances of acceptance into the Neeley School of Business, said George Low, associate dean for undergraduate and international programs for the business school.

    Almost 400 pre-business students went through the admissions interview process Saturday morning.

    Every student is asked the same nine questions as a way to be fairly evaluated, said Paula Hancock, Neeley’s academic program specialist. The ways students communicate and deliver their answers is what makes them stand out.

    One hundred and thirty professionals from the area conducted the interviews. Owner of Stoneburgh Management Jeremy Spann said although some students excelled more than others, no one did poorly.

    Katelyn Bowman, a sophomore hoping to be finance and accounting major, said she was pleased with her interview.

    “I was really nervous but the interviewers made sure you felt comfortable and it was a relaxed setting which was nice,” Bowman said.

    Students prepared by having their résumés and cover letters reviewed and by doing mock interviews through the professional development center.

    Bowman said she took the feedback from her mock interview and applied that in her interview with the professionals.

    “As long you feel prepared and do what you need to do, you will expect good results,” Bowman said.

    Chris Gregor, a sophomore potential finance and accounting major, said doing the mock interview was really important and helpful for this interview as well as internship interviews.

    Spann, an alumni himself, said he was not expecting to be so impressed with the students.

    “These students were incredible, if I had to compete with these kids I’d be out of a job,” Spann said.

    “I was so impressed,” he said, “I saw potential employees for my own company.”