SGA considers adding more StairMasters in University Recreation Center


    Some students say that there aren’t enough StairMasters in the University Recreation Center to go around.

    After receiving complaints from students, House members adopted a resolution to support the possibility of purchasing more StairMasters in the rec center at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting. 

    Representatives said they proposed the resolution to gauge SGA support for a potential change. It was introduced by Neeley School of Business representative Garrett Adair, and administrative assistant Tierney Johnson. 

    “Last week, we were brought together to talk about what projects and things we can do to help benefit the student body,” Adair said. “I thought this is a project that can help.”

    Like other students, Johnson said she has problems finding an open StairMaster at the rec center. 

    “I go to the rec at all different times of the day, and [the StairMasters] are always full,” Johnson said. 

    College of Science and Engineering Representative Mark Senter has had similar experiences at the Rec. 

    “There’s always a line.” Senter said. “Like Tierney, I go at different times, and people will literally wait outside the line clogging up the whole walkway for it.” 

    Fifty-one percent of representatives were in favor of the resolution. Thirty-nine percent of representatives were opposed, and 10 percent abstained from voting. 

    Also during the meeting…

    • A resolution to improve the TCU mobile application was adopted with 95 percent in favor. The app has not been updated since June 2008.
    • A resolution for the Student Experience Committee to manage the school supplies project in the library was adopted with 93 percent in favor.
    • A bill to reapportion the SGA House of Student Representative seats for the 101st Session passed unanimously. The College of Communication will lose one seat, and the Neeley School of Business will gain one.
    • A bill to update the Election Code and Handbook passed with 90 percent in favor.