Worth Hills anchor to bring new dining options


    A multi-purpose facility with room for 650 students and an outdoor amphitheater will anchor the Worth Hills Village that’s rising on south campus.

    The as yet unnamed structure should be ready by January of 2015. It is expected to have four dining options – Tex-Mex, a bistro, a grill and a grab-n-go market.

    Unlike Market Square, the facility will remain open once the food venue closes, so that students can continue to use the space.

    The Worth Hills community will eventually house 1,800 upper division and Greek students.

    Harold Leeman, director of facility planning and construction, said he hopes students will use the facility not only for eating, but for study space and as a place to hang out as well.

    “That’s the multi-purpose part of it,” Leeman said. “All along we have places to sit.”

    According to floor plans for the facility, the second floor will have a balcony that overlooks the floor below. Extra seating will line the balcony as an alternative location for students to study or eat instead of the shared dining area downstairs.

    Across the hall from the balconies, private dining rooms will be available to host special events. Leeman said the new facility will also house offices for Greek Life, as well as offices for TCU administration.

    Leeman said in addition to the dining section, an outdoor amphitheater will be available for small displays accompanied by an exterior projector. Large umbrellas and seating will also line the south side of the building on a pedestrian route in between the dining facility and Pamela and Edward Clark Hall.

    Robert Wortham, project manager of the multipurpose dining facility, said the new building will fill a need as TCU grows.

    “Eventually, depending on TCU growth, additional residence halls and Greek housing halls will be built,” Wortham said.