Marketing professor discusses maintaining business relationships


    The Neeley School of Business hosted about 100 people for Dr. Robert Palmatier’s lecture over marketing early Thursday morning.

    About half of those who attended were students, and the other half consisted of faculty and business professionals in the area. They were able to mingle and discuss business topics over breakfast before the presentation began.

    Dr. Palmatier, from the University of Washington, discussed the importance of maintaining relationships in business along with his real-life experiences with various companies.

    His discussion was mainly focused on how unfairness and gratitude plays into marketing, such as situations with airlines’ loyalty programs for airfare.

    “It may be seen as unfair by other customers when someone who has accumulated one million miles gets to board the plane first, but that person sees it as something that is due to them,” said Dr. Palmatier.

    “They are grateful for that service and therefore maintain their relationship with that airline. Marketing is all about choosing which relationships to maintain,” he said.

    The annual Dyess Lecture in Marketing was founded in 1982 and is sponsored by the marketing department in the name of TCU alumnus Earl Dyess, according to marketing professor Dr. Robert Leone.

    “We try to bring in someone who is a leading authority on a certain topic that relates to what we teach and what we do research in,” said Dr. Leone, “A large number of our faculty and students have interest in sales and sales management, so the world-renowned Dr. Palmatier was a perfect fit.”

    For senior marketing major Lily Beth Boenker, the lecture was more about learning marketing tips and insight that she may not otherwise learn in the classroom.

    Many students also agreed that attending these types of business lectures is important to fully understanding the field of marketing.

    “Sometimes it’s hard to visualize exactly how marketing works when you read it from a textbook, so just being in a room with business professionals and Dr. Palmatier is a great learning experience,” she said.