Student Filmmakers Association to host casting auditions


    For students who have always wanted to make a movie but do not know how to start, TCU’s Student Filmmakers Association provides a learning opportunity.

    “It’s a very easy way to get your feet wet in everything and really learn about the whole process,” said Steven Veteto, a junior film-television-digital media major and co-president of SFA.

    SFA, which meets Thursdays at 5 p.m. in the Moudy North building, is a group of students who write, direct, edit and act in their own films.

    First-year theatre major Cameron Smith, who acted in “The Untold Story of Ken Herpa Because the Media is Biased,” said SFA has given him a better understanding of filmmaking as a whole.

    “Knowing from how the lights are set up, to how they edit, to how they storyboard everything—if you know all those things, it can only help you for later on in your career,” he said.

    For students like Smith who are interested in acting, SFA will host casting auditions Friday through Sunday for its spring 2014 projects.

    Auditions will be cold readings, meaning actors will not be able to read the script until they arrive at the audition. Actors will read the script in front of a camera. Within one week, SFA will notify the actor if he or she has been cast.

    Students do not need acting experience to audition, Veteto said.

    Even experienced actors can feel nervous at auditions, said Jeremy Culhane, a senior philosophy and economics double major and member of SFA.

    Culhane, known for his comedic performances in Senseless Acts of Comedy, has acted in previous SFA films, including “Courage,” which will be released in May.

    “The jitters are always there, no matter how many times you audition,” he said.

    Although students run the organization, SFA’s level of professionalism is impressive, Smith said.

    “When they go in, they treat it like it’s a million-dollar movie,” he said.

    Casting auditions will take place Feb. 21-23 in Room 164 of the Moudy South building. Walk-in auditions are welcome, but audition by appointment is preferred. Actors can sign up by emailing [email protected]. More information can be found on the event’s Facebook page.