Renovations on the way for Neeley School


    Rees-Jones Hall and the Bass Building renovations are nearly complete, but that does not mean an end to construction on TCU’s east campus.

    The Board of Trustees recently approved the motion to begin the design and development of new facilities for the Neeley School of Business.

    The project in still in its initial stages and physical construction is not expected to begin for some time, Harold Leeman, director of facility planning and construction, said.

    “We’ll probably connect Smith with Dan Rodgers and Tandy,” Leeman said. “Dan Rodgers, we may tear it down and just incorporate the newer building.”

    Leeman said the renovations would aim to create a “total business school” and link the current facilities together.

    Leeman said that other than making plans for what the facility will look like, the business school still needs to raise money to pay for the project.

    O. Homer Erekson, dean of the Neeley School of Business, said the updates will help the business school keep up with the growth it has experienced in the last decade.

    Erekson said the number of business majors has almost doubled in the last 10 years. He also said the number of business minors has risen from 40 to more than 900.

    “Just in terms of enrollment, we’re facing some capacity constraints there,” Erekson said.

    Erekson also said he wants the renovations to encourage students to use the business school outside of normal classroom time.

    One of the main issues Erekson hopes to fix with the renovations is the amount of space for students inside of the current facilities.

    Cori Jo Navarro, a sophomore marketing major, said even though the building probably won’t be finished by the time she leaves, she hopes the new renovations will provide more space for students to use outside of the classroom.

    “Smith at least has that lobby area,” Navarro said. “That’s really nice because before classes, if you need to study you can sit down at the table, get some coffee, study a bit, and then you’re right there.”

    Additionally, Erekson said he hopes the new additions will help TCU compete with the quality of other business schools around the nation.

    “Our goal is to be one of the absolutely premiere business schools in the country,” Erekson said.