SGA polls students for fall concert preferences



    Student Government Association representatives said they are making an effort this year to choose an artist for the fall 2014 concert that would reflect the opinion of the student body.

    Student Body President Cody Westphal said he wants to get the concert back in SGA’s hands so students have a say.

    Students have complained about the lack of diversity in genre played at the last four fall concerts on campus, he said.

    “I think you should have a balance,” he said. “You know, one year you could do country, and the next year you do something different.”

    For the past four years, TCU offered three country artists: Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton and Little Big Town. TCU also featured one pop-rock band, The Fray.

    Students said they would like to see some variety in the music genres chosen.

    “I’d love to see a rock band and get away from the country thing we’ve been doing,” Caleb Simmons, a senior music composition major, said.

    Sandy Jacquez, a senior strategic communication major, said she thinks the next choice should be from pop or another genre.

    “Maybe down the line, when TCU is on board, we can bring Latin music to campus,” she said.

    SGA set up tables at different academic buildings this semester with surveys to find out students’ opinions on different topics, including which genre students want for the upcoming fall concert.

    “What we found was the distribution was pretty evenly split between rock, country and hip-hop,” Westphal said. “So now that we have the genre of music people are interested in, we can look into it.”

    With more than 800 votes from TCU students, Westphal said SGA will find artists within its $200,000 budget.

    SGA will narrow down options to about five or six artists that the Cabinet will then vote for, Westphal said.

    “Hopefully people can trust us for what artist they want,” Westphal said.

    Westphal said a mass student body vote on a certain artist isn’t an option because it would cause pandemonium.

    SGA hopes that its artist choice would please the majority of the campus and unite the student body, Westphal said.

    “The reason the concert was created was for students in the fall early on in the year could be brought together and have a good time together,” Westphal said.