TCU baseball loses second-straight against Michigan State


    The TCU baseball team lost to Michigan State 4-1 on Saturday afternoon at Lupton Stadium.

    TCU scored in the first inning, while Michigan scored three runs in the third inning and their fourth run in the fourth inning.

    Junior pitcher Preston Morrison started for the Frogs but lasted only four innings on Saturday. He allowed four runs on eight hits, threw three strikeouts and walked one player in 69 total pitches.

    TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle said that Morrison “wasn’t his normal self, for sure.”

    “They did a good job against Preston,” Schlossnagle said. “It wasn’t his day, obviously. He didn’t have the same stuff he normally has.”

    Morrison was switched out for his teammate sophomore Alex Young in the fifth inning, who also pitched four innings. Young allowed no runs, threw two strikeouts and walked one player.

    Young was replaced by redshirt freshman Brian Trieglaff in the ninth inning and pitched eight times in that inning against three opponents.

    Michigan State had two pitchers, Mick VanVossen and Jeff Kinley. VanVossen pitched for a total of eight innings and pitched 106 times. Kinley pitched 12 times in the last inning.

    Schlossnagle said he was impressed by how VanVossen performed.

    “I thought we got a lot of pitches to hit and we didn’t do a whole lot with them,” Schlossnagle said. “Whether that’s his effectiveness or our ineffectiveness right now, I don’t know.”

    TCU had six hits on both Friday and Saturday, while MSU improved from four hits on Friday night to 14 hits on Saturday.

    MSU also improved in errors, having only one error in Saturday’s game as opposed to the two errors from Friday’s game. TCU went from having one error in Friday’s game to three errors on Saturday.

    The loss brings TCU’s record to 8-6 overall. They’ve lost five of their last seven games.

    The Frogs lost their previous matchup to the Spartans 2-1 on Friday night after junior pitcher Brandon Finnegan allowed a late home run.

    “I challenged our team to see how they would respond after a tough one last night and they didn’t respond very well,” Schlossnagle said.

    The team will finish their series against Michigan State Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m.

    “Every time you play you learn more and more about your team in one direction or the other,” said Schlossnagle. “So, I guess we will learn more tomorrow.”