Student center to bring community to Worth Hills Village


    While the future Worth Hills student center will bring more dining options to campus, members of Housing and Residential Life are aiming to do more than fill appetites.

    The multi-purpose facility will be one of the first things students see in the future Worth Hills Village, which will eventually have five residence halls, a parking garage and Greek housing, with the student center to tie it all together.

    Craig Allen, director of housing and residence life, said he envisions the new facility to be inviting, serving as a place for students to build community on campus the way the Campus Commons does today.

    “The Commons was kind of the town square of the neighborhood,” he said. “Now we have a new neighborhood out here in Worth Hills.”

    Allen said dining facilities in the student center will primarily be campus cash destinations, and that the mixture between meal swipes and campus cash will keep students visiting both the new student center and the Brown-Lupton University Union.

    Sarah Powley, a junior strategic communication major, said she was fine with walking to the BLUU while living in Marion Hall for almost a year, but said it would have been nice to have a dining hall next to her room.

    Allen said he did not think there would be a divide between between Worth Hills and the rest of campus by adding a new dining facility.

    “What we know about dining is that people will tend to gravitate to what’s most convenient,” he said. “Other times, you will choose a destination.”