SGA working on menu for Worth Hills dining hall


    Beginning in 2015, students in Brachman, Marion and Clark Halls, as well as residents of the fraternity and sorority houses, will have their own dining hall.

    Tori Bertschy, Student Government Association’s dining services chair, said the new cafeteria, which will open in late January, will provide students with a variety of ready-made meals.

    “Basically it’s going to be four restaurant-type things where you pay per item instead of a cafeteria set up where you swipe and take whatever you want,” Bertschy, a sophomore business major, said.

    Bertschy said the new dining hall’s meal plan is still in the works, but preliminary ideas include adding more campus cash to the accounts of Worth Hills residents.

    While the new cafeteria will be open to all students, Bertschy said it is mainly meant for students in Worth Hills.

    “I think we are going to be able to do more of a take-out style too,” Bertschy said. “Obviously the seating won’t be as big as the Brown-Lupton University Union, but I think it will be more of a convenience to people in Worth Hills so they don’t have to come down here if they just want one item.”

    Jenna Marshall, a current Worth Hills resident, said the new cafeteria will cut down on lunch and dinner traffic that Market Square sees daily.

    “I think lunch time and all the busy eating hours are kind of crazy in the BLUU, so I think we definitely need a new cafeteria on campus,” Marshall, a first-year film, television and digital media major, said.

    Marshall said that she hopes the new dining hall will bring more variety to students who are tired of the repetitive options that Market Square and Union Grounds have to offer.

    The menu options are likely to include Italian, Mexican and café options, Bertschy said. The menu itself is still a work in progress.

    Bertschy said she will work on the menu with five other members of SGA and TCU Dining Services, but encourages TCU students to provide their input as well.

    “I encourage people to email me because you can make a difference if you are shooting ideas to the people who are in charge of it,” Bertschy said.